Wednesday 13 July 2022

2022 Family Household Chores Appreciation Card

Shahnaaz Binte Abdul Ghani of P1-Diligence

Works of students of P2-Perseverance
Tan Pin Sze of 3 Responsibility
Anika Sathi of P4-Perseverance
Marvelia Abigail Widjaya of 5 Integrity
Yi Lin of P6-Integrity

Friday 8 July 2022


Endeavour Primary school celebrated Earth hour on 26th March 2022.This year’s theme is “The state of Nature and Biodiversity”. To support this event, there was an E- Assembly talk in school for upper and lower primary students. Prior to the talk, pupils learned how to upcycle and created various useful objects such as pencil holders, flower pots and toys. They also did a short write- up on their creations and their parents also joined in the fun during the March school holidays. The pupils then uploaded the pictures of their creations to Student Learning Space (SLS). The students’ creations were showcased during the E-Assembly talk through Padlet. All pupils who participated received tokens for their participation.

Tuesday 5 July 2022

CCE Ambassadors

In Endeavour Primary School, we aim to inculcate the right values in our pupils and mould them into good citizens who contribute to the betterment of others and care for the environment. In our efforts of doing so, we seek the help of our team of diligent and reliable CCE ambassadors in taking on crucial roles to support their teachers and peers in these pertinent areas. 

Every year, our teachers are tasked to nominate the CCE ambassadors from each class by selecting pupils who display exemplary behavior at all times and serve as a good role model to their peers. A training session is usually conducted at the beginning of each year for our CCE ambassadors where they undergo a briefing about their roles and responsibilities in supporting their teachers with school programmes, ensuring the cleanliness of the school and championing the school-wide cyber wellness outreach efforts.

In the classrooms, our CCE ambassadors play a crucial role in ensuring the cleanliness of their classrooms by encouraging their peers to follow a given checklist and execute their classroom cleaning duties diligently and consistently. Similarly, at the canteen, our CCE ambassadors play an important role in ensuring cleanliness and promoting values of care and responsibility by encouraging their friends to finish their food to prevent food wastage, throw the food waste into the swill bin and return their plates and cutlery into the correct trays and to do a wipe down after eating. In addition to ensuring the cleanliness of the school, our CCE ambassadors help promote care for the environment by reminding their peers to engage in recycling activities.


Next, our committed and reliable CCE ambassadors also take on an important role of assisting and supporting their Form, Co-Form and subject teachers with classroom activities involving the various CCE school programmes such as National Day, International Friendship Day, Racial Harmony Day and Total Defence Day. In their efforts of displaying the school values and serving as a good role model to their peers, our responsible CCE ambassadors play an active role in promoting Cyber Wellness by modeling safe and responsible online behaviours and channeling efforts into sharing stories and key messages in their classrooms with aims to promote an awareness of Cyber safety.

Wednesday 30 June 2021

2021 P1 & P2 CCE/VIA Program: Being Gracious makes me a Well-Respected Person 《有礼貌的孩子最美丽》

Being Gracious makes me a Well-Respected Person 《有礼貌的孩子最美丽》

Objective: To educate pupils to be able to put oneself in other’s shoes (CCE Teaching Approach) and aim to develop them to have a caring personality and be gracious .

Values: This is in line with our CCE and school values of Respect and Care/Compassion. To inculcate in our pupils the values of being respectful and compassionate towards their friends, teachers and parents. 

Skills: Use of Courtesy words and CCE Core Skills (1. Perspective Taking, 2. Responsible Decision Making & 3.Reflection) , for example pupils  know how to behave graciously in daily life in terms of knowing how to use words like “Good morning”,  “Please” , Thank you” , “May” or even know how to listen attentively, making eye contact when communicating with people, showing a smiling face ” etc.

Monday 17 May 2021

Earth Hour 2021

    Endeavour Primary school celebrated Earth hour on Saturday, 22nd March 2021.This year’s theme is “Climate Change to Save Earth”. To support this event, there was an E- Assembly talk in school. In the next activity, pupils took part in creating their own toy model making project using recycling materials. They also did a short write- up on their toy models and their parents also joined in the fun to assist in the toy making process. The pupils then uploaded the pictures of the toys models during the March school holidays where they had an enriching and meaningful learning experience. All toy models submitted were rewarded with attractive tokens.


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