Monday, 28 July 2014

Classroom Cleanliness Competition 2014 - Semester 1 Results

We are happy to announce the winners for our first round of Classroom Cleanliness Competition! 3 winning classes have been chosen from each level.

They are...

Congratulations to all these winning classes!

Our Class Representatives and their winning prizes!

We would also like to thank the teachers and pupils for the support. It is heartening to see that every pupil has put in efforts and uphold their responsibility in keeping their classrooms clean.

Some good examples that can be observed and seen from these winning classes are having a planned duty roster and pupils would diligently perform their duties. For example, pupils would spend 5 to 10 minutes to arrange the chairs and tables in class, and to sweep the floor clean. Before dismissal, all pupils would also ensure that their tables are neatly arranged and the floor is free of litter. All these conscientious efforts would play a big role in keeping our classrooms spick and span.

As a student from Endeavour Primary School , we should do a part in keeping our school clean by doing the following:

1) Do not litter
2) If you see any litter in your classroom, pick it up.
3) If you see anyone who litter, ask that person to pick it up. If not, we could also help him / her to pick it up, in order to keep our school and classroom clean.
4) If it is your rostered duty, do it properly, as you are also doing a part to keep the classroom clean.


When we see others or if you yourself are about to litter, be considerate about all those hardworking cleaners, who are all helping to keep our school clean. Whenever we see a school cleaner, we should smile at them and thank them for helping us to play a part in keeping our school clean.

We are also looking forward to the next 'Use Your Hand Campaign' to clean our classroom together with all our classmates and teachers!


Lastly, to all other classes that did not emerge as winners in this first round of competition, do not be disheartened! You can look forward to another round of the classroom cleanliness judging in Term 4!


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  2. We can keep our environment clean and green by not throwing litters in the school compound and in public. By doing these, we can help the school cleaners/helpers to lighten their work load. If we see people whom litters in school or in public, we should tell them not to do that as they should do their part in keeping the environment clean. Singapore is also known as Garden City, which describes our beautiful country. All of us should keep her clean and not littering to tarnish its beauty. If everyone do their parts in this beautiful country by keeping it clean, we will have a clean and beautiful environment to live and play in. We must also thank all the school helpers/cleaners for helping to keep our school clean for us to have a better study environment . It is everyone responsibilities to ensure a clean and safe place in school and everywhere. .
    Jasmine Tan 陈莹真 [5G] [CL group 1]

  3. We can keep the environment clean by recycling plastics papers aluminium. I believe we can make a difference in this WORLD!!!!!


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