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My Good Deeds Journal

"Good Deeds with Sharity" is a new initiative as part of the Community Chest's Sharity Club and it aims to reinforce Caring and Sharing values to nurture the younger generation to become socially responsible citizens and this would encourage our students to be more compassionate.

With the "My Good Deeds Journal", students will be able to gain awareness on how they can care for others at their home, school and community. Here's are some selected examples of the journals done by our Primary 3 students.

After reading through the journals, what are your thoughts? Why not pen it down too? You may also want to share with everybody on your personal opinion on how you may care for others at home, school and community. So, go on and write it down in the comments below!

Ian Low Hon Sen (P3C)

Javi-Kate Goh Teng Xuan (P3A)

Jessie (P3F)

Crystalina Goh Yan Tong (P3F)

Sophie (P3B)

Danish (P3B)

Ang Jia Xin (P3E)

Jolene Thien Shin Yen (P3C)

Sarah Tan Tian Xin (P3E)


  1. Many people do good deeds for a wide variety of reasons. A good deed is helping someone without looking for a reward. Think about volunteering to help someone, or just for fun! No matter what, it will feel good after helping another.


    Muhammad Lutfil Hadi [6D]

  2. Doing good deeds is a habit which should be cultivated by everyone. In my opinion, good deeds refers to spontaneous acts of kindness and generosity without expecting a reward. This means that one should be sincere in performing good deeds. This will benefit the community, by making it more prosperous. I do good deeds such as offering my seat to those who need it more. Something simple such as respecting others can also contribute to the community. Being considerate is also a good deed. Helping others is an example. Basically, just do a good deed and it may change the world!

  3. One of the biggest things any of us can do in life is helping people and doing good deed for another human being. Whether it means offering your love and compassion, or making a charitable donation of time, energy, or money, there are many ways to bring sunshine into the lives of others, such as helping an old lady carry her heavy plastice bags and send her to the lift lobby or giving my own seat to people who needed the seat more than me example and old lady, a women or men who is carryin babies, and pregant women. I do good deeds by helping a guy who is unable to walk which is seating on a whealchair press the lift button so that the lift door will not close when the guy is entering the lift. People do many good deeds with many types of reason and one of them is they are sincerely to help. By helping people can put a smile to everyone!

  4. Everyone always have time for other stuffs, but , do they have time to care for someone who's in need of help or offering help to someone ? Sometimes , we all need to have a break and look at ourselves . We have all 5 senses . We should take a look at those who are not like us and do not have one of our senses.After having a break to think about those peoples, you might be asking yourselves. How can I help those kind of peoples? The answer is simple . You can help to donate some of the items you are not using to the charity or help someone who needs help. Just ask politely "Do you need help ?' .Those people would say thank you to you. They might not have a present to give you, but you should accept it as if its like a gift. The peoples who need helps are the one will thank you and smile because you made someone into the happiest person ever. I have an example which was experienced by me. I was in the MRT and I saw an old lady finding sit to sit . I thought I was sitting on the non-reserved sit . I actually sat at the reserved sitting. I move to the old lady and told her to sit at the reserved sitting. She sat down and smiled at me . I smiled back and thought, a simple little act could make people smile . There's this quote which says: " What this world needs is a new kind of army -the army of kind"-Cleveland Armory . Start to do your good deed tomorrow-or any day!
    Nur Abidah [6C]

  5. when we do good deeds people will see and star to follow,and make singapore a better place.

  6. To me, good deed is an action that all of us can do anytime and everywhere. An action that people do. Example: Give up the seat to the elderly or a pregnant woman or donate the items that you do not use to the charity. So, start helping people who is in need and brighten their day. A simple act of kindness can make people smile too.
    lrdina Binte Mohamad Saini

  7. Whenever I saw a less fortunate people along the streets, I will always have sympathy to for them. Normally I'll just give them some money I have as I think they deserve it. If I didn't have some money with me at the point of time, I'll smile at them. Some of them pathetically seat by the streets but at the end of the day they got nothing from passerby. All of us should have some sympathy to help others others in need. An intelligent person does not need the promise of heaven to see the merit in good deeds
    Filzh [6C]

  8. To me, good deed is like helping someone who is less fortunate and not normal like us. I will always pity the people that seating along the streets and are in need of food and water we should be more concern to the people that are less fortunate than us Nur Anisah (6D)

  9. dont forget to be kind

  10. Perkara Yang Mulia

    Saya menolong cikgu saya dan ibu bapa saya. Saya menolong cikgu saya meangkat buku-buku. Dan saya menolong ibu saya menyapu latai.

    Dan derma kepada orang miskin.

    Iman Rihanna Class 1C

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  13. I think that this program is very helpful as well as educational as this helps students realize their inner self to help others in need

  14. Everyday, I would try to help people who need help in either studies or friendship problems. When I do a good deed, I would always smile to myself to tell myself to continue helping others
    -Nicholas Junus 6F (Grp 6)

  15. When I see beggars by the streets,I will help them by donating some cash.
    -Ziyi 6F Grp 6

  16. i think good deeds is important as we can help people and at the same time feel good after helping them
    -vincent lim 6F group 6

  17. A good deed is helping others who need help, whether or not he/she is an old or a young person. We can see many people in the MRT station selling tissue papers, strumming their guitars or even singing just so that they can earn some money to earn a living. Its sad seeing these people among us. Helping these people will really bring joy to our hearts. So start helping people today !

    Nova 6G

  18. People say that when you give away something, like your money or charity, they would think that they should receive an award, like a recognition or remembrance of doing a good deed. But that is wrong. People have the wrong mentality of giving and receiving since you did something good. Always remember that when you do a good deed, it is not for yourself, but for the person who you helped. And what would they give you? Not presents or money or even a job. What they will give you are love, respect, gratitude, all the things that are priceless.

    So remember, when you do a good deed, it is for them and not for yourself. You might even receive something more extraordinary! Better then a recognition or remembrance!

    Alec Lance 6F-


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