Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Results for Cyber Wellness Posters Competition

Winners for Cyber Wellness Posters Competition

Primary 4

1) 4A  Durratun Nafisah Bte Salim
2) 4B  Nicole Pang Mun Jing
3) 4C  Muhammad Zulhilmi B Rosli
4) 4C  Siti Nur Syay'I dah Bte S
5) 4C  Nur Alisyah Atiq Bte M R
6) 4D  Saxena Hitarth

Primary 5

1) 5A  Muhammad Danish B Muhammad A T
2) 5A  Felicia Peh Jia Jie
3) 5A  Lim Kai Wen
4) 5A  Nur Aleeza Bte Fandy
5) 5A  Haslinda Bte Hamdan
6) 5C  Darryl Tan Kai Boon

 Primary 6

 1) 6B  Castillo Kelly Ann Krisel Guia
2) 6B  Nur Nadiah Bte Kamarudin
3) 6B  Silawan Katrina Palermo  
Once again, Congratulations to all winners :)

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