Monday, 6 April 2015

Keep our Canteen Clean (KOCC) Campaign

All of us play a part in keeping our environment clean and beautiful so that everyone could enjoy. We should throw our litter into the bin so that cleaners do not need to clean up after us. However, some may choose to litter if the bin is far away and it dirties our environment. As such, our cleaners have to work extra hard to upkeep the cleanliness of our school.

Through the Keep our Canteen Clean (KOCC) activity, we will view from a cleaner’s perspective on how difficult it is to clean up the mess made by the ones who litter. We hope that our students would learn to appreciate the cleaners’ hard work and help to keep the school and environment clean. As the school is shared by everyone, students could also encourage their friends not to litter so that we could have a clean environment for all to enjoy.

This year, students have 4 essential roles to play in the "Keep Our Canteen Clean" activity. They would have to pick up all litter on the floor, clear all unattended plates and cups on the canteen tables, sweep the floor (especially the bins area with crumps or food packets), as well as to wipe the tables with the rags given. We are glad to have our kind canteen aunty and uncle to assist in supervising the students in the respective duties!

We hope to inculcate the right values in the students on the importance and their responsibilities in keeping the  environment clean.

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