Monday, 27 March 2017

Canberra Day

More than 10,000 residents residing in Canberra came together on Sunday, 12 March 2017 for the annual family carnival.  The event launched this year focused on the theme; Love your Environment, Let’s Go Green!

Our Green club and some students from 6 Diligence have actually set up some creative "green" games booth on that day. There were also quizzes prepared by them that were related to caring for the environment for the community to participate. Some of the tokens in the form of book marks were even made by our students to help spread the green messages.

We are very happy that our school has played a part to engage the community through games and at the same time learnt more about how to go green.  This event provided a good platform for our students to interact with the residents. This also allowed them to make new friends and enhanced their interpersonal skills and confidence.

Yes! Together we can play our part in building a more gracious society through green practices and championing a sustainable way of life.

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