Tuesday, 24 February 2015

P4 Clean Singapore Learning Trail

The Clean Singapore Learning Trail is a VIA programme designed by NEA, to allow students to gain an appreciation of what it takes to keep Singapore clean, the consequences of littering (e.g. pest infestation, breeding of mosquitoes) and how their personal behaviour affects the environment.

By deepening students’ knowledge and understanding of these issues, the Clean Singapore Learning Trail will enable students to reflect on how their everyday actions have an impact on their surrounding environment and encourage them to act for a truly clean Singapore.

As a continuation and extension project from our in-school Keep our Canteen Clean activity, a community clean up session around our neighborhood was conducted. Our students are all equipped with gloves, tongs and garbage bags for a good cleaning at the neighborhood areas around EDP. It had been a fruitful afternoon and our students learn that we could all make a choice to do our part in keeping Singapore clean.

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