Monday, 26 January 2015

EDP Clean and Green Campaign

On 20 January, EDP launched our Clean and Green Campaign during the Tuesday Assembly Talk, and kick start a series of exciting green activities!

We invited Drama Arts to put up a skit, titled: Secrets of the Swamp. The skit aims to encourage our students to develop a relationship with their natural environment and raise their awareness of Singapore’s biodiversity. Secrets of the Swamp is an example of what Singapore would be like without our lush greenery and diverse animal life. Through this, we hope to remind our students to do their part in keeping our City in a Garden, a beautiful place to live in.

Following that, we have a sharing done by our two ambassadors: Jovan Ang from 6A and Adele Choi from 5B. Both our ambassadors role model the actions and shared the many ways in keeping our school a clean and green place. Having them as the advocates will certainly inspire more students to play their part too.


  1. Hope you will do more VIA in the future!!

  2. Good job on cleaning the school clean!

  3. good job with the stuff you did

  4. Kindness is something you do without any rewards,and after every good deed you do a warm fuzzy feeling fills up your heart,that is what kindness is.

  5. kindness should be done by your self and not to be rewarded.....whereas keeping singapore clean is a very good thing a singaporean should do.


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