Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Visit to SWAMI Home

SWAMI (Sunshine Welfare Action Mission) home is a nursing home that provides residential nursing care facilities and  dementia day care for the aged and the aged sick. It is located in Sembawang, and houses services such as physiotherapy, medical treatment rooms and rehabilitation services all under one roof.

On 22 May 2015, our EDP students, teachers, and parents volunteers spent a meaningful afternoon at the SWAMI Home. Our talented students from the performing arts group (Choir, Guitar and Gu Zheng) prepared a line up of performances for all to enjoy. As most elderly only know dialect and mandarin, our performing arts group specially prepared songs that are in their familiar language to cater to them! Apart from that, understanding that the bedridden residents are not able to join us at the stage area for the performance, our student-guitarists took the initiatives to head up to the rooms instead to strum and sing for them. Delectable high-tea snacks and drinks were also prepared and served to all residents at the Home. Following that, we had a mass singing session that brought everyone clapping along together! It was indeed heartwarming to see the elderly smiling and singing along with the music.

Although interacting with the elderly might not be easy for everyone due to the language barrier, it was still a fruitful and enjoyable learning experience. More importantly, what is significant is the smiles we have left on the elderly faces during the visit.

As the saying goes, it is a blessing to give than to receive.
Let us continue to reach out to the community, and to spread the EDP spirit of care!

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