Saturday 6 June 2015

Online Contest: Have you been environmentally-friendly?

Hello, everybody! Do you realize that whether you are traveling overseas or just hanging around in Singapore, we inadvertently shall leave behind our carbon footprint and that would have impacted the environment in many ways. As you go about your daily life, are you aware how much carbon footprint you have generated? Have you been consciously living your life in a environmentally-friendly way? What "Green" efforts have you carried out over the last one month? Have you done anything that you can proudly claim to be "saving Gaia"?

You have stories, dreams and hopes. But you also have your own different views, brilliant ideas and unique opinions. Why not share it with everybody and you win for yourself an attractive gift token! So, go on and pen down your thoughts in reply to this post!

To participate in this online contest, all you have to do is to post a comment! It's that easy! So, since this online contest shall only last throughout the June school holidays and into the 5th week of the Term 3, what are you waiting for then? Hurry, post your comments NOW!


  1. Xavier Tham P6A25 June 2015 at 16:33

    I feel that we should all do our part to save our environment, after all, we all live in this world and we should make things cleaner and greener, instead of worsening the condition of global warming.

  2. I recycled a few stacks of newspapers and some old clothes at the nearby community centre , in exchange they went to the nearby supermarket and bought many bags of groceries . I received a bag for recycling and even if I did not receive the groceries , I would still be happy to help those elderly in the elderly homes . I also saved water by using the water used to rinse the rice to water the plants and using the water used to washed our own clothes to flush the toilet when used . I am happy to reduce the fees of water bills and be a part to help the planet to save some water .

  3. Recycling, using lesser water and electricity, reusing...

    These are all little efforts. However, we should all never forget that when we combine all these little, little efforts together, they become one big contribution to the world.

    Like total defence, we all have a part to play. If nine people out of ten are doing their best to make the world a better place but the tenth person does not do his/her part, the world will not become better than what is expected.

    If you don't want to do your part, fine, nothing can stop you. Just don't add another burden to those trying their best by littering and wasting electricity.

    When we waste electricity, we contribute to air pollution.
    When we waste water, we are losing an important element for our survival.
    When we litter, the places become uncomfortable.
    If you regret after this, the mess will be really hard to clean up.

    There is only one Earth. Only one.

    Charmaine Lim, 6B

    1. We must play a part to save earth!!

      If no one even care about saving earth....
      <>:The plants will die.....there will be nothing giving out oxygen and WITHOUT OXYGEN, we will die!!!The earth will be VERY HOT because of GLOBAL WARMING and do you like to live in a place which is VERY WARM??I don't think so...right?

      BUT..... there's still HOPE!!! If all of us play a part in saving earth, the <> will be gone and it will not happen....
      Even if there is only a person playing a part to save earth, that person will still make a DIFFERENCE(at least).

      Q:How to play a part in saving earth?
      A:Reuse Reduce Recycle


      Form cls:6G
      Chinese group and cls:3/6C

    2. Luqmanul Hakim Bin Abdul Basit 5f30 July 2015 at 17:13

      I think we should not waste resources such as food etc. If the food is not finished the waste food could be used for plant fertiliser. I also agree that we should recycle items that are recycable such as newspaper, plastic bottles and other items too to save the earth.

  4. I reused the water to wash the rice to water the plants. I also threw the newspaper into the recycling bin together with other recyclable items.

    I agree with Charmaine completely. We must all do our part in saving the Earth from all types of pollution. If we refuse to do our part, we will not have a clean and green garden city anymore.

    Wen Bin,6F

  5. I think we should reuse our things, reduce our usage of things and also recycle our items.

    Have all of you been wondering why nowadays is do hot? It's because of Global Warming. All the rubbish we throw are being transfered into the rubbish truck and into the rubbish dump. Now, if the rubbish dump don't have anymore space for anymore rubbish, there is two ways we can get rid of the rubbish.
    1: We can dig up the ground and bury the rubbish in it. 2: We can burn the rubbish. Since digging takes up a lot of effort, we burn the rubbish and when we burn it, it releases Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere making it even more hotter than usual.That's the reason why nowadays are so hot even when there is rain. If we refuse to do our part to reduce the rubbish that we are throwing every day and reusing and recycling our items, the temperature will become even higher that usual.
    So...Do your part to save the enviroment!

    Rachel Toh Rui Qi, 5G

  6. We should all play a part in protecting the Earth as the world you live in is the sane as the world everyone else is living in.
    If everyone never even gave a thought about Planet Earth...What do you think is going to happen? The plants would first die off. Without the plants replenishing the oxygen in the atmosphere, every single living thing would have the same consequence including us humans...
    But there is still hope. If we all played a part in caring for the Earth, all that would never happen. Even if you were the only one caring and giving a thought about earth in whatever place, you can still make a difference.
    Make a Difference.

    Thong Tze Ling
    Form class: 6A
    Mother Tongue group: 3 / 6C

  7. ‘Save my world” this very common phrase was used in a television advertisement but who really has used action instead of words?”on the air condition.on the fan.on the computer when I’m not playing it.charge phone while playing.throw rubbish everywhere because there is no rubbish bin.”The everyday life of some people.The world may end soon due to our ignorants.mother nature is not even asking for anything.its just asking for you to save and use wisely.if you don’t save this world nobody can.We will just die out like the extinct dinosaurs we learn about now.So lets do something about it now.The very least we could do.Reduce,reuse,recycle.use both sides of the paper.when you go shopping bring your own bar soap instead of liquid ones that are stored in plastic bottles.these are simple actions,but powerful ones .so do your this our world.

    Ng Xiang Yun 6E

  8. We have to save the environment as..... the earth is getting sick!!!! If we don't save the earth, and continued what we had done to earth, the earth will get even sicker. We have to reduce, reuse and recycle and use less transport. Board buses, taxis and MRT trains will reduce the pollution of air. When you shop, use reuseable bags to shop. So come on, save our world! :)

    Lim Wan Kim 6C

  9. The world was once a better place, a place where there was no littering. Now, us humans have been littering and making Mother Earth a very dirty place for everyone to live. Remember, when we litter, not only are we harming the earth, we are also harming the poor animals that are living around and with us. So, when you see somebody littering, tell them to stop IMMEDIATELY!
    Everybody, help to Save The Earth!!!!

  10. The earth is getting warmer. Ice in the polar regions are melting. If we do not stop this right now, the sea level will rise and the whole world will be flooded with water. We will all drown.
    Maybe we cannot stop this. Maybe we will be the own cause of our own destruction. But...maybe we can save ourselves! This can only happen if we do our part- yes, every single human living- to save the world. You may be thinking- If only I am doing my part to save the world and others aren't doing so, what is the point. Well, let me tell you that if everyone thought this way, nothing can be done.
    So! We are still children. What can we do?
    Simple. Just do three actions. Do not litter and pick up litter when you see them. Recycle and use recycled products. Save water, electricity, paper.
    That's all! So, what are you waiting for? Let's start saving our world!
    Tan Kian Ann 6B

  11. It is very important to keep our environment!

  12. Cindy zhang(4a)11 July 2015 at 10:07

    We can keep our environment green by recycling unwanted materials to make something out of it .eg making robots

  13. Ong Wynn Xin ( 4A )11 July 2015 at 10:11

    We can keep our environment clean by reusing materials to make robots and we can reuse plastic bottles as water bottles.

  14. We can keep our environment clean by recycling, reusing,and reducing the plastic bags,cans,plastic bottles and many more.The earth is getting warmer and ices in places like north pole are melting very fast.We also cannot anyhow throw rubbish onto the floor as t will harm Mother Earth.We need oxygen to survive and plants produce them, if we cut them down there will be less oxygen and people will soon die.You can use water which is use in washing rice to water the plants u grow!!You can also on the fan instead of switching one the aircon. Lets do our part and keep our earth an good and fresh environment to stay in!!!

    Goh Mun Thene
    Primary 5G

    1. Right mun thene what you had written is a very good advice!

  15. I have been environmentally-friendly but some are not. When sometimes i am eating with my friends i see rubbish and no one picks it up. We should keep our environment clean by recycling, reducing and reducing the plastics bags, cans, plastic bottles and etc. Sometimes you can even use the fan instead of using the air-con everyday. Everyone must keep the environment clean! Lets do our part and keep our earth clean and green everyday!

    Wong Jia Xin Brigitte
    Primary 5c

  16. in my opinion when we burn down trees, it would cause a very big impact to the environment. the carbon dioxide produced will rise into the atmosphere and depletes the ozone layer. The worst part would be that UV can enter the earth. this will cause skin cancer after long period of sun tanning. thus we could not bring harm to others by wasting wood .

    Brandon Goh 6B

  17. Saving The Environment RAP

    Saving Gaia is important
    So let's not be complacent.
    Let's begin with saving water
    Or you won't drink when it's hotter;
    Use a mug while brushing your teeth
    Don't leave the tap on if you don't need (it)
    Next, saving electricity
    So there's enough for you and me
    Switch all things off when there's nobody
    Don't use a phone while you watch TV!
    Be mindful of your carbon footprint
    Keep the air clean, don't wanna lose it,
    Take public transport or a bike
    If it's near just take a hike
    Ice caps are melting, 'cause of us
    Reduce emission, it's a must!
    Just remember the 3 Rs good,
    Save the earth, as we all should.
    Saving Gaia is important
    So let's not be complacent.
    Everyone has a part to do,
    and it starts with me and you.


  18. My dream is to one day use greenhouse gases to make into something useful. Recently, I heard that scientist are trying to find out how to use carbon dioxide and make it into plastic. That is one of the effort that people are trying to save Earth. We should also do our part and not just let the professionals do their work. We can also help out too.

    Everyone should put in their best effort into saving the Earth. Even though astronomers are currently finding if we can live on anywhere out in the galaxy that is suitable for us to stay, we cannot be too sure. We must save the Earth like finding out tips on how to save electricity and practicing the 3Rs. For example: Reduce the amount of waste, Recycle if can and Reuse any plastic bags for trash bags

    Class 6F

  19. I feel that every single person living on this planet should help to save our enviroment,because the earth belongs to us, if we do not treasure our home,instead that we do things to destroy it,one day,our home would be permanently gone,then we could only blame ourselves for our own actions.If we do not want that to happened. We could start by doing the three Rs,reuse,reduce,recycle.Reduce by using lesser amount of electricity,fuel,water and more.Reuse plastic bottles,drink cans,and cardboard to make pencil holders,robots,toys instead of throwing them away.Recycle plastics,metal cans,papers,glass,and batteries.If we do all of these,we can help our earth to be cleaner and greener,so we can lower down the temperature of our planet, preventing global warming from happening.So lets all work together to do a better part to save our earth!

  20. Although I don't attend Green Tuesday, but I still continue recycling. Below my HDB flat, we have a big blue bin. It is for us to throw recycled things. Recycled things include used plastic bottles, detergent plastic bottles and can drinks. All the above items should be washed. To know more about the recycling bins, you can go down to your HDB flat and take a look. I am not sure that if a condo have one, but those living in condo can take a look.

  21. During the June Holidays, I did not travel to other countries, so I don’t think I had left any carbon footprint behind. I usually recycle recyclable items at the recycling bin under my void deck as waiting for green Tuesday to arrive is too long. My family and I always try our best to “Save Gaia”
    These are ways to “Save Gaia” as a student:
    1) Do not waste toilet papers! Take what you need only
    2) When printing papers, print it double sided
    3) Email if can instead of printing
    4) Switch off any electrical appliances when not in use
    5) Do the 3Rs---REDUCE, REUSE & RECYCLE frequently
    6) Use portable charger
    7) Recycle a paper when finish using it, instead of just throwing away
    9) Use public transport instead of using your parent's cars (like going to school)
    10) Do not little like throwing plastic bags into the sea because sea turtles may mistake it as jellyfish and feed on it, resulting it in choking to death
    We must start “Saving Gaia" because it causes GLOBAL WARMING! Read this to understand why:

    Global Warming is not something we can take it lightly.
    Examples of the consequences of Global Warming:
    1) Ice Caps MELTING resulting in the increase of Polar Bears’ death
    2) Animals dying due to the increase in temperature
    3) Climate changes--- Weather suddenly very cold, suddenly very hot
    4) Flooding because of the melting ice caps
    And etc.
    The consequences are serious right?
    So, what are you waiting for? Let's do our part now!

    Sew Kit Wan (27) 6A

    1. At the part where : We must start "Saving Gaia" because it causes GLOBAL WARMING! Read this to understand why:
      At that part is blank because there should be a picture but I did not know that the picture did not came out.

      It should be: Read this to understand why: Sunlight passes through the atmosphere and warms the Earth surface. This heat is radiated back towards space.
      Most of the outdoor heat is absorbed by greenhouse gas molecules and re-emitted in all directions, warming the surface of the Earth and lower atmosphere, causing GLOBAL WARMING!

    2. Oh yeah, I forgot to write that I am in CL Group 1 ��

  22. I thing and feel that everyone must play a part in saving the enviroment. We must all follow the 3Rs: Rese, Reduce and Recycle. Only by doing this, we can reduce the amount of resouces we are using. Now the world is getting warmer and warmer, this is mostly due to deforestation and air pollution. If we continue with our careless, selfish and irresponsible living lifestyle, our world will be gone. But if we all put in effort in saving the enviroment, the earth is save. All we need to do is stop cutting down the forest and trees but plant more of them, stop littering and take more of public transport.

    If now, anyone wants to op-out in this important activity, its okay but all I have to tell you is don't wish for anything to change the enviroment and your future desendants to live on earth as it might be gone by that time.

    We must all really put in our best effort to save the world, we must.

  23. We must save the earth .The earth is hurt -because of US!It has give us so much pleasure in life but how did we repay her?We kill her.We burn trees, cause all 4 types of pollution,the earth is better off ignoring us so i think we should recycle ,reuse and reduce.Remember we control the fate of the earth,THE EARTH IS IN OUR HANDS

  24. We can do our part to help save the environment just by changing our daily habits. try decreasing our energy and water consumption, changing our eating and transportation habits, and adapting our home to be more environmentally friendly.

    Switch off anything that uses electricity when not in use. If we're not using it, turn it off.Also goes for lights, televisions, computers, printers, and so on.

    Put timers on lamps and use them to turn off lamps at the same time each day.Air conditioners use a great deal of electricity. Use natural ventilation or a fan to keep cool, as much as possible.

    Recycle all we can.


  25. We can do our part to help save the environment just by changing habits.Try decreasing our energy and water consumption,changing our eating and transportation habits,and adapting our home to be more environmentally friendly.
    Switch off as much electricity as much as possible such as light,lamps,TV and so on.
    You must also put timers on lighting and use them to turn off when the timer started ringing.Air conditioners are a great deal of electricity.And Instead of using of electrical fans,you can also use the ceiling fan to keep cool as much as possible and don't on the TV until you use again,you should turn off the TV first.When you wanted to watch the TV, just switch it on.
    Recycle as much as we can.
    Poh Jin

  26. Bernice Ang 6B21 July 2015 at 17:08

    Well, how many of you have thought about Singapore? IN my opinion, i doubt that if there were 10 people, only 1 or 2 would have thought about Singapore.
    To many people, Singapore may just be a small tiny dot that is found in the map. However to us, it is our homeland, and our country.So why not let us all just take a tiny step to just throw our litter in the rubbish bin?
    Not just this, we should also remember the 3 Rs. These 3 Rs include recycling, reusing and reducing. Recycling means that we do not waste our litter like newspapers and cans. Instead, we can put them inside the recycling bin.Well, on the other hand, we can reuse some items like newspaper to wrap the fragile items. Also, by reducing, we can reduce the amount of litter that we have.
    By doing these minor and minor steps, we can make this world a better one and a nicer one.
    So why not start from today?

  27. Recycle

    1.recycle by throwing plastics,aluminium cans,paper and cartons,and other recyclable products.
    2.We can reuse plastics bags that we got after purchasing items from supermarkets,markets or minimarts.
    However,the best way is to use the recycling bags when going for shopping.
    3.Reduce the amount of water,electricity and paper used,as well as fuels.
    Paper is precious.More than 1 billion trees are cut down each year to make paper!Reuse paper as much as possible.Usage of Electricity can be cut down by turning off electrical appliances after use.Turn on the air-con rarely.Usage of fossil fuels can be reduced by taking the MRT and public buses. Fees for taxis are expensive and they use up fuels too.I strongly disencourage the usage of taxis.The best way is to WALK.Exercise and save money,why not?

    Start your journey on saving the Earth today!

    Yining 6B(1)

  28. Shop for products with less wrapping
    Always switch off lights when not in use
    Value natural resources like water
    Increase 'recycling sprees'
    Nope, put down that plastic bag-use recycled bags
    Get on your feet-don't use the car

    Great fun making art using recycled materials
    Aim for less air-con, fan please
    Intelligent moves-use less computer
    Always reuse, reduce and recycle

    Tan Jie Xin, 4B

    1. (P.S. Do not forget to be RESPONSIBLE, too!)

  29. Saving the earth is not that difficult in reality.For example, ways of saving the earth can be as simple as ABC-using the fan instead of the air-conditioning,using public transport more often,or just throwing an empty plastic bottle into a recycle bin.

    However,truth is,in spite of these efforts,global warming is still happening.Why?You may ask-it's because most people crave convenience and luxury.That is why litter can be found on the ground,majority of people use air-conditioning and drive their own cars.I really hope that someday people will finally realise what Earth is going through and put aside their cravings for convenience and luxury to help save the Earth. If everyone plays a part,the Earth will be saved in no time.Currently, I am playing a part by taking public transport more often and switching off electrical appliances when not in use.
    Jovan Ang 6A

  30. There are many ways to save the Earth. We can do the 3Rs: reduce, reuse and recycle. We can reduce the electricity and water bill by turning off electrical appliances when not in use, using a cup instead of letting the tap run when brushing our teeth and closing the tap tightly after use. We can reuse water that was used to wash rice or vegetables to water the plants. We can recycle metal cans, plastic bottle etc. by throwing them into the recycling bins near the void decks of our HDB blocks. We should take public transport, walk, cycle etc. instead of driving a vehicle to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, reducing average global temperature. I believe everyone should take part in saving our environment, saving the Earth, our home.

    Ong Zi Qi
    6A Group 1

  31. In my opinion, I feel that everyone should play a part In saving our earth,Gaia,.It is so as to create a better future for our decendents. We could use the 3Rs , reduce,reuse and recycle.Recently I had recycled newspapers and soft drink cans as it is more assessable for my family.overall,I feel that we should all do our part in order to reate a better world.

    Ignatius tan zong wei
    6B GRP 3

  32. Imagine we all throw garbage, junk and rubbish away anyhow. Imagine there was no authority to supervise waste management activities.Imagine we all just sent our rubbish to the landfill, or just dumped them in a nearby river. What do you think will happen? A disaster! The effects can be surface water contamination,soil contamination and not to mention, air pollution.
    Air pollution:
    the substances in air pollution can be ground-level ozone, carbon monoxide, sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, and lead.
    Soil Contamination:
    soil pollution is caused by the presence of xenobiotic (human-made) chemicals or other alteration in the natural soil environment. It is typically caused by industrial activity, agricultural chemicals, or improper disposal of waste. The most common chemicals involved are petroleum hydrocarbons, polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (such as naphthalene and benzo(a)pyrene), solvents, pesticides, lead, and other heavy metals. Contamination is correlated with the degree of industrialization and intensity of chemical usage.
    Water surface pollution:
    This form of environmental degradation occurs when pollutants are directly or indirectly discharged into water bodies without adequate treatment to remove harmful compounds.
    It affects the entire biosphere – plants and organisms living in these bodies of water. In almost all cases the effect is damaging not only to individual species and population, but also to the natural biological communities.
    I think people must do the 3Rs so that earth (aka Mother nature) won't be "sick" anymore.
    I play a part of recycling at Tuesday as the school encourages us to recycle paper,metal,glass and not to mention,plastic.remember to recycle:)

    Zak Chiang Zi Xuan
    4 Excellence Group 4

    1. I'm actually in Group 3

      Zak Chiang

  33. I recently recycled my newspapers into the recycling bin after i have finished reading it. It helps to reduce the waste materials on earth and gets to be recycled as it is a recycled material.People can start to use fans instead of air conditioners, should not use styrofoam as it cannot be broken down and act as waste to the earth. Giving books, textbooks, clotehs are also forms of recycling. You could give them to anybody or to a second hand shop.

    ~Zeti ; 6E

  34. Whenever I finish any soft drink at home, I put it in the recycle bin at home. Then, when it fills up, i bring the recyclables to the recycling bin where it will be collected or to school if it is Tuesday. I also reuse the water used for cleaning clothing for flushing the toilet. I usually sleep in the dark without any night light for two reasons, I sleep better in the dark and it also saves electricity. I think everyone should play a part in recycling to reduce our carbon footprint.

    Mohd Hafiz

  35. I think that it is our responsibility to help save the Earth, Gaia. Human activities are actually destroying the Earth. There are many negative impacts that could happen. We can do our part in saving the Earth. It is not that difficult actually. We can do something simple like turning off the lights when not in use or recycle used paper. We must cultivate a habit of doing the 3Rs-reuse, reduce and recycle. As for me, I would collect all the newspapers that I do not need and recycle them in my school. We should do it with a sincere heart, not because of the reward. We can also ride in buses or public transports and avoid riding in your own vehicle. This is to ensure that not too much air would be polluted. We must also think of our future generations. How would they survive? Therefore, we should always do our part in saving the Earth.

    Haidah Fikriyah-6B-

  36. Saving the environment is purely our responsibility as we, humans disrupted the balance of gaseous and liquid objects in Gaia. This would cause Earth to be destroyed faster than predicted, and causes death of our next few generation. If we continue to do what we done, Earth would be destroyed even earlier and even before the next generation. We can do our part just by saving not polluting so much if can. I personally realised that the weather had been getting warmer and warmer but tried to use fan despite having my brother to fight with me over whether to open the air conditional or not.
    Tan Hong Zhang 6B

  37. I think as students, we can play a part to be green.
    -remember the 3 'Rs'
    -we can also save electricity, like
    -switch off all lights, fans, electric appliances when not in use
    -even if the weather is VERY hot, try to use the fan instead of air conditioner.
    these are simple yet important things to do, right?
    Shay Tang Zhuo Min

    1. (from 6F)

    2. I agree with Shay. We must do our part in saving Mother Earth <3

  38. All of us must do our part in Earth by:

    - doing the 3Rs.
    - switching off appliances when not in use.
    - minimize the consumption of fan and air-conditioner when in use.
    - throw away litter into the recycling bin to prevent air pollution.
    - use papers meaningfully and wisely to prevent deforestation.
    - not throwing litter to the river or pond to prevent water pollution.
    - using eco-friendly devices and appliances.

    We must all save the Earth because we ARE Earth! - Alec Lance 6F

  39. earth is the most resourceful planet we can live on. so, PLEASE protect her and not pollute her


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