Monday, 1 June 2015

Performing Household Chores

Based on the positive response received last year, our CCE/VIA team rolled out the Family Household Chores Appreciation Card project once again this year!

We hope to encourage our students to assist their parents/guardians in doing household chores, as a way to show care and concern for their family members. It is also their responsibility to take charge of these tasks at home (especially of their own rooms).

This year, we hope to also garner greater parents' engagement. We would like to encourage parents to pen down your thoughts upon seeing your child's efforts and work through the completion of the household tasks.

One of our P6 boys, Bryan Sun from 6A, has been consistently helping his parents with the household chores. You may want to view his appreciation card that was nicely done up:

Bryan Sun's (P6A) Family Household Chores Appreciation Card

Seen here is another of our P6 boys, Brandon Goh Yi Heng from 6B. who is cooking instant noodles for his mother.

Brandon Goh Yi Heng (P6B) cooking noodles for his mother.

Brandon Goh Yi Heng (P6B) cooking noodles for his mother.
Next up, this P3 girl is Juana Little Sia from 3B. She and her mother were making pancakes together. She brought the pancakes to school and shared with her classmates.

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