Monday, 14 May 2018

2018 EDP Kindness Week P4 Online Quiz

To support Singapore Kindness Movement, EDP have allocated Term 2 Week 9 and 10 as 2018 EDP Kindness Week where we will roll out a series of activities for the students to participate in learning and showing kindness to others.

The Objectives of the activities are:
To advocate a community spirit of kindness and care for everyone to start, show and share kindness.
To inspire graciousness, by carrying out one kind act at a time, through sparing a thought for the people around us.
To show empathy, and respect towards others, and learn to put others before self.
To develop compassion in our students for those less fortunate in the society.
To aspire to create a gracious society, and make life better for everyone.

As part of the activities for the CCE Lesson during the 2018 EDP Kindness Week, Primary 4 students shall be participating in an Online Quiz that they will learn about the importance of kindness to others.

"Paying It Forward" YouTube video

You may proceed to the Online Quiz from the URL link below:

Students may use their Mother Tongue languages or English Language to input their responses. The Online Quiz shall be available from Term 2 Week 9 and will close by the end of Week 10. The first ten (10) students from each class to submit and have answered correctly shall be awarded gift tokens.


  1. Darny Hardy 6 Perseverance~ Saya Mempelajari bahawa kita harus selalu mensyukuri apa ibu bapa kita telah membuat untuk membesarkan kita dari kecil. Kita Juga Mesti menjaga hubinga antarasama keluraga kita ataupun kawan-kawan kita.

  2. Qurratul Ayuni24 May 2018 at 21:56

    Qurratul Ayuni 6 Responsibility-Saya mempelajari yang kita harus menghormati bukan sahaja ibu bapa kita tetapi rakan rakan kerana mereka yang telah berjasa kepada kita apabila kita kesusahan dan kesedian.Kita mesti merapatkan hubungan ibu bapa dah rakan kita.


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